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About the 218 Project

The LGBT Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) currently has majority support in the US House of Representatives. Over the past year, Freedom to Work has done lobby visits with every single undecided House member’s office – from the eight holdout Democrats to the moderate Republicans to the most conservative members – and we’re convinced ENDA would pass if it were put on the House floor for a vote. Nancy Pelosi has said that the votes are there right now to pass ENDA in the current House, and our lobby visits confirm that she is correct.

We’re launching the 218 Project to help persuade the next most likely ENDA supporters – both Democrats and Republicans – to put their names behind the bill as co-sponsors. The goal is to prove that we’ve got 218 supporters to make the case that the time is now to bring ENDA up for a long overdue vote. Every week throughout this summer, we will feature five House members who have strong potential to become ENDA co-sponsors, and we’ll ask the American people to contact them through facebook, twitter, e-mail and phone to urge them to put their names behind LGBT workplace protections. Please join us.